30 July






Market Overview & Commercial Opportunities

Presenter: Roger Tripathi, CEO & Co-Founder, Global BioAg Linkages
The biostimulant market is one of the fastest-growing segments of crop protection. Some regions and countries are embracing the technology more quickly than others. This session will provide manufacturers and distributors an overview of those parts of the world that have adopted these products and the emerging markets that offer growth potential. Attendees will gain key insights into where they should invest their time, energy, and marketing dollars.


Approaches to Distribution

Presenter: Daniel B. Custis, CEO, Advanced Biological Marketing Inc.
Manufacturers have options when they decide to enter a new market – through a partnership with a traditional agchem company, direct through a distribution/retail network, or through third-party labeling. Custis will discuss these options and provide strategies on what to consider when deciding what approach to take.


Networking Break


Marketing Biostimulants: Best Practices

Presenter: Dr. Russell Sharp, Technical Director/Founder, Plater Bio
Traditional agchem products must have mounds of research and efficacy data before they make it to market. While regulatory agencies might not require companies to provide the same information to bring biostimulants to market, savvy manufacturers have found an R&D-focused, margin-minded approach creates increased buy-in from end-users and distributors/retailers. Walk away from this session learning valuable ways to fine-tune your communication and branding to capitalize on the science behind your product’s efficacy.


Lunch, Supplier Networking and Buzz Groups

Industry experts will host a variety of topical discussions. Choose your topic of interest and engage in a meaningful dialogue while enjoying your lunch.

The Modern Portfolio
Moderators: James C. Sulecki and Jesús Yáñez

Distribution & Marketing Best Practices to Improve Commercialization Opportunities
Moderators: Dan Custis and Roger Tripathi

Snake Oils and the Regulatory Impact on the Future of Biostimulants
Moderators: Terry Stone and Jackie Pucci


Strategizing for Downstream Success

Presenters: Ian Crawford, Product Manager, Plant Health Technologies, JR Simplot Company; Antonio Zem, President, BioTrop Brazil
Biostimulant companies have traditionally been challenged by a stumbling block between conception and commercialization. This session’s presenters will use case studies to illustrate how their companies set pricing for biostimulant products, estimated margins, and ensured ROI. They will explore the do’s and don’ts of the downstream obstacle course experienced by biostimulant companies worldwide.


Regulatory Update

Presenter: David G. Beaudreau, Jr., Executive Director, U.S. Biostimulant Coalition
The strict regulatory environment surrounding traditional agchem products has helped propel the biostimulant market; however, few countries separately regulate the introduction of biostimulants, often treating them like fertilizers. While this approach makes it easier to gain entry, that can also mean ineffective and even harmful solutions can be introduced by dishonest players.


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Market Overviews: Day 1 – China/India and Brazil/Mexico

While the biostimulant market is expanding around the world, some countries and regions have embraced the technology more quickly. We’ll examine some of the most promising countries for biostimulants: China, India, Chile, and Mexico. Our experts will share what it takes to enter and excel with biostimulants in these key countries.


China and India – Challenges and Opportunities

Presenters: Atul Churiwal, Managing Director, Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd.; Edi Chen, Managing Director, President, Summit Agro China Co., Ltd.
India and China are emerging markets for biostimulants. The size of these two markets offers enormous opportunity for companies willing to invest time and energy. 


Brazil and Mexico – Challenges and Opportunities

Presenters: Antonio Zem, CEO, BIOTROP; Jesús Yáñez, CEO-Founder, GreenCorp
Mexico has embraced biostimulants more quickly than nearly any country in Latin America. As one of the top crop input markets in the world, Brazil holds enticing potential for biostimulant manufacturers and distributors. 


Cocktail Reception

Great opportunity to freely interact with experts and socialize with peers while enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

31 July






Market Overviews: Day 2 – USA/Canada and Spain/France

While the biostimulant market is expanding around the world, some countries and regions have embraced the technology more quickly. We’ll examine some of the most promising countries for biostimulants: USA, Canada, Spain, and France. Our experts will share what it takes to enter and excel with biostimulants in these key countries.


USA and Canada – Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter: Terry Stone, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability Programs, Agrinos, Inc.
As leaders in the biostimulant industry, what happens in the U.S. and Canada is often followed by others around the world. Learn about the potential for biostimulants across the globe.


Spain and France – Challenges and Opportunities

Presenter: Giuseppe Natale, Chief Executive Officer, Valagro
Regulatory pressures in the European Union are driving the growth of biostimulants for growers and exporters around the world. Leading the way are Spain and France, which are among the top 3 markets for biostimulant products.


Opportunities for Product Innovation

Presenter: Jesús Yáñez, CEO-Founder, GreenCorp
Crop input technology continues to improve. Manufacturers will continue to create more effective and efficient solutions for growers. Find out what the next generation of innovative biostimulant products will look like and how they will be applied.


Networking Break

AgriBusiness GlobalSM Trade Summit Conference Opens


Opening Remarks and Agribusiness Global Industry Impact Award

The AgriBusiness Global Industry Impact Award recognizes success, innovation, and strategy in the biostimulant sector. Given to a supplier of biostimulant products, the award is presented to a company that leverages product innovation, distribution strategy, and a change-making marketing and communications campaign to bring an emerging trend to the forefront of the agribusiness marketplace.


Creating the Modern Portfolio – Integrating Emerging Technologies

Presenter: Giuseppe Natale, Chief Executive Officer, Valagro
Progressive companies in agriculture are expanding portfolios into new inputs, investing in technology, and expanding their global reach. Our Keynote speaker will present what the agricultural company of the future will look like, and the strategies and business practices required to attain success.