Jon Leman

Commercial Vice President, Italpollina USA, Inc.

Jon Leman is the Commercial Vice President for Italpollina USA, Inc. In December of 2013, he opened the North American market to the Italpollina brand of products. Since that time, he has helped to solidify the company’s global leadership position by leading an impressive year-over-year growth in sales via a widespread sales and distribution network. Additionally, he has overseen the opening of what is now one of the world’s largest production facilities of 100% vegetal-based biostimulants for use in agriculture. Jon knows very well how to drive sales, and he believes that in addition to a solid vision, it takes great relationships, providing the right product for the need, and having a passion for the purpose. Helping today’s farmers overcome the complex challenges of food production with innovative solutions that are more natural is inspiring to him.
Jon is an agribusiness professional who has spent 25 years identifying new product opportunities for the sector, driving new product development, and getting large scale distribution to the fields. Much of that time was as National Marketing and Sales Manager, Branded Products with agribusiness giant, Wilbur Ellis Company. Jon attended Franklin College and is a graduate the University of Virginia Darden School of Business’ Executive Program for Strategic Marketing.