Bob Trogele


Dr. Bob Trogele, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, AMVAC Corporation, a 100% subsidiary of American Vanguard Corporation (stock symbol AVD) has enjoyed a 34 year leadership career in Agribusiness, working for “large caps” such as Hoechst, Aventis and Bayer, and “mid-caps” such as Schering and FMC. He has working experience and knowledge in Europe, Asia and the Americas at all levels of Agribusiness (chemical, nutrient, seed and precision agriculture). In addition, he has worked at the country, regional and corporate general management level. Further, Dr. Trogele has been an Adjunct Professor at the Berlin School of Economics & Law for 22 years, educating MBA’s as future leaders in global business and society.

Dr. Trogele is past Vice Chair & Treasurer of Crop Life of America, past executive board member & Treasurer of the Agricultural Retailer Association, past board member of RISE, and past member of a number of industry associations in Germany, Denmark, and Ireland. Currently, he is the Treasurer and Board Member of the Crop Life Foundation and Board Member of Agricultural Retail Association.