Daniel Fernández Masís

Operations Director, Ferba Internacional

Daniel Fernández Masís is an Industrial Engineer, entrepreneur and author from Costa Rica. He worked as a consultant at Ernst & Young, as a Project Manager at Costa Rica’s largest dairy company Dos Pinos, before joining his family’s company Ferba Internacional as the Operations Director. Now, he splits his worktime between his industrial engineering consulting company, Go Create Engineering, and Ferba Internacional. At Ferba, he designed the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, led the implementation of a new company brand, negotiated with Acadian Plant Health to diversify their biostimulant product line, implemented a statistical inventory control system, and parameterized the repackaging production line. His goal is to honor his parents’ company and legacy by building a larger supply chain with more suppliers and distributors, in order to attain a larger market share in Central America and the Caribbean. This will allow Ferba to offer high-end, innovative agricultural products to local producers.