Biostimulants have become a “must have” in any integrated crop solution approach.

You’ll hear from industry experts on the best ways to boost your business with biostimulant products and how they can be integrated with conventional chemistries.

Biostimulant suppliers will attend to:

  • Learn which markets to approach based on regulatory, opportunity, crop acreage, and distribution
  • Understand best practices for distribution in key markets
  • Find distribution partners

Distributors/Retailers will attend to:

  • Gain intelligence on partnership options, value, and product efficacy
  • Understand the margin/profit potential of biostimulants
  • Learn how to better explain, educate and sell biostimulant products to end consumers.

Traditional Crop Input Suppliers are looking to:

  • Build a more diverse portfolio
  • Learn how biostimulants can be formulated with traditional chemistries
  • Understand the proven ROI of biostimulant products
Trade Summit Overview
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